Sleepless Nights

How many times have you been here and done this?

What do you do, at 3 am in the morning, when everyone else in the household sleeps and you are laying there, wide awake, and unable to sleep a wink?

We all have those times when sleep is evasive. Nowhere in sight. We toss and turn. We “count sheep” until we are “Baa-ing” softly in our awakeness. We might get up for that proverbial “hot milk” drink that’s supposed to help us quickly go back to sleep. We try all sorts of things. I am just a little curious, what is your secret to sleepless nights?

I pray!

Yes! It was 3:14 am, according to the alarm clock on the bedside table. I rolled over and groaned. Hubby laid beside me, softly snoring a sleepy melody of zzzz’s. I tried not to be envious of the apparent good sleep that he was getting. From the little bed on the floor beside mine, came sounds of muted barking and growling from our little Maltese dog, Max. I leaned over the side of my bed to have a look. Yep, his little legs were moving as though running after someone or something. I watched Max for a few moments. Yes, I was envious that he was obviously having a fun dream and I was not. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little at my loveable dog. I wondered if I was part of his dream. I rolled back over and pulled the covers up.

I did not want to disturb either hubby or dog, although going to the kitchen to fix a hot cup of tea or a warm cup of hot chocolate was a temptation at this point. Both would have tasted so good, with a few shortbread cookies thrown in to satisfy the growling tummy. Yet, I knew! If I dared to sneak out of the bed and head in the direction of the kitchen, soon the dog and hubby would follow, and my day would start just way too early. So, I snuggled under the covers just a little more.

I opted to do the one thing I love to do the most whenever I cannot sleep.

I began to pray!

“God, what would you like to talk about as I lay here sleepless and awake?”

Almost immediately thoughts of my family and friends came forward. I remembered a couple of promises to pray for them, with certain prayer requests having been shared. So, I prayed! I talked with my God about so many special people in my life, about their needs, and asking Him to do His perfect work in their lives and bless them with showers of blessings.

As I prayed and talked with my God, in the sleepless moments of the wee morning hours, the word WATCH came to my mind. “God, what is this about WATCH? What do You want me to WATCH? Do you want me to pray about WATCH?” I paused in silence before my God. Waiting to understand WATCH.

It wasn’t long before my thoughts tumbled out into words of WATCH-full prayer to my God.

“Dear God,

“I ask that you set a WATCH over my family and friends. Send your angels to WATCH over them and keep them all safe. Draw each one closer to You and WATCH over their individual concerns.

“I pray, God, that You would WATCH over these things for myself, my family, and my friends:

“WATCH over our daily walk with You. May we always desire to walk in Your ways. May we joyfully walk where You lead us and not be tempted to take our own path that would lead us away from You.

“WATCH over our attitudes and actions. May these be pleasing in Your sight always, Lord. When we stumble and fail in our attitudes and actions, may we be quick to confess it as sin and seek Your forgiveness. Give us all the courage to change the attitudes and actions that we need to change.

“WATCH over our thoughts and our talk, dear God. May both be wholesome; may they be kind toward others; and may they bring You glory. May our thoughts bring us into Your presence more often. May our talk reflect that we know and love You. Set a WATCH, God over our minds and our mouths as we contemplate what to say to others. May our thoughts and our talk be kind and encouraging and always full of You.

“WATCH over our circumstances, challenges, and commitments. Help us God not to take on more than we can handle at one time. Give us grace and wisdom in all our decisions. Help us to learn to say “No!” when we need to. Help us to keep that which we commit to; to rise to the challenges of life that enable us to grow as a person; and to accept our circumstances as from You, in that they are for our good and for Your glory.

“WATCH over us all by granting us happiness and hope. We seek happiness in this life; a true happiness that comes from having joy in knowing You, Lord. We have hope through Your Son, Jesus, and the eternal life that awaits us through His death on the cross.

“God, WATCH over me, my family and my friends. WATCH us Father as we WATCH You perform Your perfect work in our lives here on earth. WATCH over us as we WATCH for the soon-coming return of Your dear Son, Jesus! We WATCH and we wait, Lord!

“Now God, would you WATCH over me as I go back to sleep!


I also asked God to help me remember that prayer in the morning so I could write it down. As you see, He answered that prayer!

I have to tell you, dear readers of this blog, that prayer is the best thing to do at 3 am when you cannot sleep. Pray and Watch!

Once I said, “Amen!” I rolled over and went fast asleep. “… for so He gives His beloved sleep” Psalm 127:1 (NKJV).

I awoke up at 6 am (with Max wanting to go outside!). I felt rested and refreshed as though I had slept right through the entire night. I started my day with a “Good Morning, God! What would you like to talk about now?” I’m ready to see what this day will hold for me as I carry on talking with my God and WATCH-ing His perfect day unfold!

9 Comments on “Sleepless Nights

  1. I also have found myself awake in the wee hours of the morning asking God to allow me to return to sleep. Isn’t it nice to have the ability to turn our thoughts and cares over to the Almighty One.

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    • Thanks, Sharon, for visiting my blog site. It’s good to see you here. I appreciate you leaving me a comment – good to know when people read what you write. And yes, it is amazing that we have the opportunity and privilege to turn all of our thoughts and cares over the Almighty One. It is wonderful to receive His tender loving care and His grace towards us!


  2. I love your “Watch Over” prayer. I want to memorize your format and then make it my own. Thank you Kathy, very meaningful to me.

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    • Rhonda, I am so glad that you stopped by to view and read my blog site. Glad to hear that you found it meaningful. It thrills my heart that you want to take what I shared and try it out in your own life. That blesses my heart!


  3. That is a brilliant and very practical way to apply prayer with sleeplessness. I often go to bed wide awake and pray as I settle down, sometimes I don’t reach “Amen”. God certainly rewards these bedtime petitions.


    • You are so right! I find that God often gives me the best inspiration during those quiet night-time prayer conversations. And I also understand the not reaching “Amen!”

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