About Us

Our ministry was birthed in the summer of 1999, at Huachuca Oaks Camp in Hereford, Arizona. Kathy was asked to be the camp’s chapel speaker for that summer. Excited to be part of God’s plan, she responded with a resounding “Yes, Yes, Yes, I can do that!” and she set to work planning and preparing lots of Bible lessons for various ages of campers that would be attending camp.

Eagerly, she joined the Camp Director, Counselors and Staff for registration, introductions were quickly made, and friendships began to form. One particular camper caught her attention though. It became very clear that he didn’t want to be there at all. Once his Mom left the campgrounds, all the trouble began. The Camp Director and Kathy started praying! Within just a few hours, the counselors and staff were begging for some help with this little guy. He wouldn’t participate in anything! He tore things up in the cabin on more than one occasion during that week. He sat in chapel with his arms folded across his chest and a pout on his face. He wouldn’t sing. He wanted nothing to do with a Bible. He never looked up at the speaker. He just sat there. Everyone tried to welcome him, include him and encourage him. But it seemed like it was all to no avail. We just kept praying, knowing that God was the only One who could soften this little guys heart.

By Wednesday, we began to see a few changes in his attitude. And then Thursday night, during chapel time, Ms. Kathy actually caught him participating for the first time. He even appeared to be listening. After chapel, as Kathy was getting ready to leave, this young boy came running back into the chapel. He came and stood right in front of Kathy and said, “Okay Ms Chapel Lady, don’t you tell me any lies. No made up stories either. Just tell me the TRUTH. Who is this Jesus you keep talking about?

That evening I had the privilege of opening the Word of Truth (the Bible) and told him about Jesus. With great joy he opened his heart and accepted this Jesus as his Savior and Friend. He was searching for the truth and didn’t even know it until he came to camp!

During that summer, Kathy became very burdened for the number of children at camp who had no church to go to, no parents who took an interest in their spiritual development, no one to encourage them to keep learning about God. “What happens after camp?” she asked the Camp Director. “They go home!” was his simple reply. “What? There’s no followup to camp? There’s no more teaching, no more encouragement, nothing until next summer when they come back, nothing but they go home?” Kathy’s burden for these children grew heavier.

By the end of that summer, a Children’s Bible Correspondence Ministry was established and we appropriately named it – Word of Truth Ministries. We partner with Source of Light Ministries International, and together we provide FREE Bible lessons for boys and girls ages 5-18 as a way for them to learn the truth about God’s Word and His great love for them.

Sadly, Huachuca Oaks Camp closed down a few years ago, but we are still mailing Bible lessons to boys and girls throughout the United States. What’s so exciting is that within those years, we have seen many children (and some parents) come to know Jesus as their Savior. We’ve seen kids develop a new love for reading the Bible and learning God’s truth. We’ve seen boys and girls grow in their relationship with Jesus to the point they become dedicated followers of Him. We’ve seen boys and girls grow up to become workers in the local church, pastors, teachers, and missionaries – – and it all started with Bible lessons in the mail.

Our ministry not only includes Bible correspondence lessons for children and teens. Kathy also teaches Women’s Bible Study Groups in homes and churches. She loves to write curriculum, bible studies, loves to mentor and encourage others on their journey of Christian faith.

Her greatest passion in ministry, is to put a copy of the Bible into the hands of a child, teen or woman, and teach them how to use it. She loves to come alongside of them to teach them, to mentor them, and to encourage them in their daily walk with God. God never fails to show up and begin His good and perfect work within each and every heart that seeks after Him!

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