Month: June 2019

I’ve Got a Question for You!

Setting up for Bible class one day, a young early-bird student was helping me to set up some chairs. As we worked together, he started a conversation by saying, “Hey, Ms. Kathy, so I’ve got a question for you!” I stopped what I was… Continue Reading “I’ve Got a Question for You!”

Newly Released Book!!

Who Among Us Wants To Be A Servant? In our society of today, not too many people would quickly volunteer to serve others. Yet Jesus Christ Himself calls all believers to be “the servant of all.” Join Kathy in this interactive Bible study in… Continue Reading “Newly Released Book!!”

The Paths of Life

Paths of Life. We all walk them every day. Every one of us has a different path of life that we are called to walk upon. Sometimes we walk that pathway alone and at some seasons of the journey, others will come and join… Continue Reading “The Paths of Life”