Free Bible lessons

Word of Truth Ministries offers free Bible lessons for children ages 5-18

Bible Correspondence via Snail Mail within the United States only

This is a great way for kids to learn more about God

Do you know a child or teen who would enjoy learning more about God and His great love for them? Would that child or teen be interested in receiving our FREE Bible lessons?

Bible lessons are selected for their particular age group and will be sent to them via snail mail. Word of Truth Ministries even pays the postage for the kids. When a child or teen begins a course of study with us, they can work at the Bible lessons at their own pace, completing as many lessons as they want to do. Upon completion of an entire course of study (usually about 7 to 12 lessons in a course), a certificate of completion, along with a special prize selected just for the child or teen, will be sent to them. A free Bible is also available for children or teens that do not already have one.

To get your child or teen started today – –

Use the contact form below to request a registration form to be sent to you. A signed parental permission form (that we provide) will be required before lessons can be sent. Contact us today and we will put a registration form in the mail to you. Once we get it back from you – – we will then send FREE Bible lessons to your child or teen.

PLEASE NOTE: When you contact Word of Truth Ministries, your information will NOT be added to any mailing list without your permission.


“My kids LOVE these bible lessons. They eagerly wait for the next one to be mailed to them.”

“My daughter signed up to do these bible lessons 4 years ago. She has now completed 6 different courses. She really enjoys doing them and has learned so much about God that she didn’t know before. She has become good friends with Ms. Kathy and as a parent I could not ask for a better role model of a Christian than Ms Kathy.”

“My son and three of his friends are doing these bible lessons together. I love to hear them talk about the different things they learn from these lessons.”

“I was told about these lessons 2 years ago from the pastor of our church. I was a little skeptical at first, but soon realized that I didn’t need to be. Ms. Kathy has loved on my children, taught them so much about God, led my youngest child into her own relationship with Jesus, and has been a great help and encourager to our whole family. I highly recommend this program to others. It’s amazing!”

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