28 Days of Thanksgiving in the Book of Psalms – Day 10

Today’s Verse: “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; to declare Your lovingkindness in the morning and Your faithfulness every night.” Psalms 92:1-2 (NKJV)

I Give Thanks For: Comfort Food and a Comforting God

Whew! What a week!

It was a fairly normal, typical week at the O’Brien home with household duties, job responsibilities and ministry happenings. And then all the unexpected mayhem started. Plumbing troubles that prompted a frustrating search for an available plumber. The 2 year old heater decided it needed to present a manufacture’s malfunction. The financial difficulties that caught us off guard when two checks got lost or stolen in the mail system. Oh, and the sinus headache that throbbed for three straight days and nights. There were physical therapy times and doctor appointments for hubby. Two close friends were diagnosed with cancer; another began a second round of chemo treatments. A close friend lost their brother in death. Yes, it was a crazy busy week for sure!

In the midst of weeks like that, I really find myself longing for and reaching out for two things. First of all, I long for some good comfort food. I reach out for the really good stuff! And yes, for me, its a variety of things, depending on my mood and circumstances. We all have our own “go to” comfort foods, right? Please tell me I’m not the only one out here on this cliff – lol! Go on, tell me, what’s your favorite comfort food? There’s just something about that first bite of your favorite comfort food! Ah, its ever so good! It’s an honor to savor each and every bite. Truly it is! Right?

The second thing I long for, after a crazy busy week, is retreating with my comforting God. Ah, now there is some sweet relief! To humbly come into His presence and just dwell. I’ll even bring the comfort food! It is there I find rest and relaxation. I worship. I read God’s Word. I meditate on His words. I cry. I pray. I listen. I long for more of Him. I am strengthened. I am renewed. I can face another week, bring what may! That’s what I plan to do on this the Lord’s Day.

And what about the comfort food? Homemade lasagna with extra cheese! Its whats for dinner!

Chocolate brownies and ice cream for dessert!

I’ve invited God!!

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