My Favorite Book in the Bible

I’m just wondering!

Do you have a favorite book in the Bible? That one book that you always seem to turn to for help, for encouragement, for comfort?

Please feel free to leave me a comment – and share what your favorite book in the Bible is. My blogsite is a safe place to leave your comments. I always read them first and decide if they are then opened for all to read or not. You can leave me a personal comment that only I can see if you prefer. Just let me know that its not to be shared publicly. I would love to hear from you as you read this blog. It would be nice to know that somebody (anybody?) is reading my new blogsite/webpage.

The Book of Psalms is my favorite “go-to” place to read in the Bible

My all-time favorite, “go-to” book in the Bible is the Book of Psalms! I just love it! Perhaps its because I can relate so well to the Psalmist David and its other writers. Every time I am facing discouragement, wanting to run away, needing reassurance of God’s presence, going through a battle or trial, questioning life and what it offers, or seeking hope in the midst of dire circumstances or simply needing to worship and praise God – – – I find myself turning to the Book of Psalms. Within its 150 chapters, I find just what I’m looking for; I find what I need; I find comfort for my soul. As I read I come across people who I can identify with, whose example I can follow. I come across various problems that the writer is sharing that I can clearly relate to. I come face to face with precious promises from a God who loves me. The more I read, the more I want to read. And the more I focus on what I’m reading, then I find a change takes place within my heart. No longer do I want to focus on my own problems and struggles of life. I no longer want to focus on the people and problems as recorded in the book. Instead, I find myself searching for and reaching out to claim the promises of God. There are so many precious promises found in the Book of Psalms! And as my heart is warmed and comforted by those promises, I find myself joining the psalmist and together we burst out into praise! My soul is blessed, and my spirit is lifted up every time I read the Book of Psalms. That’s why I go to it so often!

So I got to thinking. Why not share some of those special Psalms on my “blog?” In fact, we could do a bible study together – online – through my blog pages. Might you be interested?

So for awhile, I plan on writing about some of my favorite Psalms. I’ll share with you some of the fascinating lessons I’ve learned from this special book in the Bible. Together we can learn about the people, the promises and the praises of those Psalms. How about it? Would YOU like to join me on that kind of study together? Visit my blog site as often as you like at There’s already quite a few postings to read. Another way you can follow my blog is to go to the “home page”, in the lower right hand corner, it says “Follow Blog via Email” If you click on the “Follow” button, it will notify you by email every time I post a new blog entry (a bible study, devotional or real-life story) and that way you won’t miss anything.

Dear God, you have taught me so many precious lessons, given me so many precious promises to claim, and led me to burst forth with praise every time I read one of Your Psalms. Now I have the desire to share all that with others. But I don’t know God, who would be interested. So, with Your leading on a new adventure through writing and blogging, I am starting this blogpage/website and I am asking YOU, God, to bring the followers to it that YOU want there (protect this site from any predators please!) so that my sharing in this way may bring life, help and encouragement to all who visit here. Amen!

6 Comments on “My Favorite Book in the Bible

  1. Hi Kathy! I do love reading your blog articles. My favorite book in the bible is probably Luke because it covers so much of Jesus life and also the many parables in it 🙂

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    • Luke is also a great book – I like that too! And for the same reasons – tells so much of Christ’s story with all His miracles and parables and healings and dealings with the disciples. So many lessons to learn from that too. And thanks for responding to the blog. Let’s me know that there is actually someone out there reading it- lol!

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  2. I too love that contrast – David’s acknowledgement of his sin before God and his worship to God. It’s awe-inspiring. I totally get the connection you feel from that. I hope that you will continue to read my blog as I share more stories and insight from my lessons learned from the Psalmist David.


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