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The Prayer of my Heart

O Lord, my God, my Yahweh May I always be humble enough to seek You first and foremost in all things pertaining to life. May I desire Your ways and will You show me Your righteous ways. May I always have a teachable spirit… Continue Reading “The Prayer of my Heart”

Lord, Help Me!

Lord, help me to pray! Even when I’m feeling tired, Even when my patience is thin, Even when the words won’t come, Even when the hard circumstances are present, Even when I feel lost! Lord, help me know that You are there! Even when… Continue Reading “Lord, Help Me!”

What Motivates You to Pray?

What motivates you to pray? What is your motive for starting a prayer life? What motivates you to have a conversation from time to time with your God? Now, there’s some questions to ponder upon throughout your day today! Here’s how a couple of… Continue Reading “What Motivates You to Pray?”