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Who among us wishes to be a servant?

In our society of today, not too many people would quickly volunteer to serve others. Yet Jesus Christ Himself calls all believers to be “the servant of all.” Join Kathy in this interactive Bible study in the Gospel of Mark. She will lead you on an incredible journey through the life of Christ. You will be inspired by the love and compassion shown by Jesus as our “Servant King.” You will learn by His example. You will be in awe at the many miracles He performs and numerous parables that He taught. You will discover the real reason that He came to earth and what He did for all mankind. Jesus served faithfully, and He loved abundantly. This study will both challenge and encourage you. You will come away with a fresh understanding and new appreciation of what it means to be the “Servant of All.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing Inc., Kathy O’Brien’s new book is a significant reference that will guide the readers through the meaning of servanthood and its examples as seen in various dealings of the Master Teacher and Servant Himself. This book shows the blessedness of servanthood in the hopes that readers will be challenged to follow the Master’s example and be a servant to the servant King.

View a synopsis of “The Servant Among Us” on YouTube:

Copies of this book are now available in some “brick and mortar bookstores” and available online through, Barnes and Nobles, and Christian Book Distributors. You may also order directly from the publisher, Christian Faith Publishing Inc. You may also get an autographed copy by contacting the author directly through this blog/website.

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