The Prayer of my Heart

O Lord, my God, my Yahweh

May I always be humble enough to seek You first and foremost in all things pertaining to life. May I desire Your ways and will You show me Your righteous ways. May I always have a teachable spirit so that I can walk with confidence on the paths that You show me. I know You will always guide me in Your truth, for You are truth. You are my God, my one and only. You are my Savior, for you have rescued me and set my feet upon the right path. You are my hope, my only hope, in this life here on earth. All day long, I want to walk with You, in hope and in confidence, in faith and in trust. May I always stay upon Your path. May I always trust Your leading and guiding me through life. May I always cling to Your truth. Thank you, O Lord, my God. You will always be my Yahweh. Forever and ever. Amen!

2 Comments on “The Prayer of my Heart

  1. ♥️ A prayer for every morning 🌄
    Thank you Kathy for the reminder of how powerful this verse is!!

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    • You are right, my friend, this verse is powerful. And when it is the prayer of our heart, there is also power in the answer that the Lord gives in reply when we pray it back to Him. I have grown to love this verse. Love the God who accomplishes this verse in my own personal life!


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