I Choose to Praise God

Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty firmament! Praise Him for His mighty acts; Praise Him according to His excellent goodness! … Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! —Psalm 150:1-2 (NKJV).

Sharing with my blog readers an excerpt from my newly published book, Praises, Promises, and Provisions.

“The psalmist David knew all about praising his God… Throughout his lifetime, David had a heart that was not afraid to burst forth in bold praise to his great God. David chose to praise God!

“It did not matter whether David was tending his father’s sheep in the field, relaxing at home with his family, facing the giant that no one else wanted to fight, singing before King Saul, running for his life from someone who wanted to kill him, fighting the enemy on the battlefield, encouraging his soldiers as they returned tired from war, feasting at the fully loaded banqueting table, or pursing his kingly duties from the regal palace. One would often find David offering up his praise to God. David chose to praise God! …

“Praise should never be influenced by those around us. It should be instrumentally instructed by the contents of our hearts. Praise should never be dependent on our current circumstances being good or right or even fair. Praise is not based on our feelings at a certain moment of time. We can feel perfectly lousy and still choose to open our hearts, lift up our voices, and burst forth with praise to the God who loves and cares about us.

“Praising God is a choice. It is our privilege. It is our way of acknowledging that our great God is present with us (never to leave us or forsake us!). He is there, right in the midst of our circumstances. Praising God is a means of giving thanks for all the great things God has done for us, has given to us, and has answered on our behalf. Praising God is boldly declaring His faithfulness, His greatness, His power, and His majesty to the world around us. It is an honor to lift up our hearts, our voices, our hands, and our very beings in praise and worship to a God whose heart we seek after.

“Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150:6).

“I choose to praise God today!”

If you are reading this blog today, and have a reason to praise God, I would love to join you in that “praise party.” Consider sharing your praise in the comment section and let others raise their voices with you in praise to our great God.

Lord God, every day You give me reason to praise You. You are a God worthy of all praise, including mine, especially mine. I just want to praise you in awe and wonder at Your great faithfulness to me!

2 Comments on “I Choose to Praise God

  1. I praise our great and wonderful GOD. He has been orchestrating circumstances for our family to come together at just the right time ….even the delays contribute to HIS perfect plan.

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  2. I chose to praise God even when I’m going through a difficult situation. I don’t know how long it will last and I don’t know where the situation will take me ,but I know that God is in control and I will be thankful for the blessings that I receive from it.God is definitely carrying me! Thank you Kathy!

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