New Book Release

The challenge is on! A challenge between student and teacher has them searching through the Book of Psalms for the praises, promises, and provisions contained within. Little did this teacher know that God had some specific lessons for her to learn during her search.

In Praises, Promises, and Provisions, author Kathy O’Brien shares a journey through Psalms and what she discovered. She seeks to answer some of the following questions?

  • Does the psalmist praise God in any way?
  • What is he praising God for?
  • Is there a promise from God shared in the psalm?
  • Is it a promise we can claim too?
  • Does God provide something for the psalmist?
  • Does God provide food, shelter, help, strength, wisdom, or any other thing for the psalmist?

Through a scavenger hunt of sorts, Praises, Promises, and Provisions helps Christians discover the blessings God provided for the psalmist in the Book of Psalms and thus for all those who believe.

This newly released book is available now in hardcover, softcover and e-book formats through WestBow Press Bookstore ( It is also available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

It is my heart-felt prayer that my book gets into the hands of people who need a little encouragement and inspiration. May it be a blessing to all who read it. May God use it to minister to hearts in an awesome way that is so far beyond my imagination.

To God be all praise for His promises and provisions upon the lives of His children!

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