Be Still and Know!

“Be still and know that I am God…!” Psalms 46:10 (NKJV)

This picture was taken in a canyon park not that far from our house. It is, to me, the most peaceful picture, the most restful place. Being in that very spot, sitting on those rocks and listening to the quiet gentle flow of the water, is my very definition of “Be still.” I was there! In that moment, I knew I was in the presence of God. I was surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. I just sat there, basking in the beauty. I was overwhelmed with peace and tranquility. I sat upon those rocks and enjoyed a conversation with my Creator. It was awesome!

It is only in the stillness, in the peace and quiet, that we come to really recognize the presence of God with us. Busyness and stress and life circumstances distract us from knowing sometimes that HE is even there. And yet, whenever we make the choice to get away from all that craziness that life can bring, we know then that we have an opportunity to get to know something more about our God. When we are still, quiet in His presence, give Him our attention, listen to His voice, open up our heart —-then, we will truly know Him. He will show us who He is. We will learn a little more of His character. He will give to us comfort, a place of refuge. We will want to start a conversation. He will listen to our every word. We will bask in His presence. He will delight in our being present with Him. We will find peace in that moment. He will be our peace!

I LOVE those special moments in His presence. I find myself wanting more and more of them.

5 Comments on “Be Still and Know!

  1. Yes!! Love the creek! It must be a pretty special place ~ I love these gems because they’re something unique to only us. I’m happy that you have a place where you can keep your thoughts to yourself and enjoy time in Spiritual Presence. Discover, discover, discover!

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    • That spot was something unique. I think you would have enjoyed it. It is in the midst of a hummingbird reserve. Tons of hummers everywhere! Great hikes and quiet spots for reflection. My husband and I discovered it a few years ago. We have to just keep going back every now and again. Thanks for responding with a comment. It encourages my heart. I enjoy your vantage point to things.

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      • Actually I have never seen a hummingbird but I’m sure I would’ve loved it too! I’m always happy to leave a comment because I know how happy comments make me feel when I receive them. Keep writing!

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  2. thanks Bianca. I think every writer likes to see comments when they have posted something. One it makes you realize that people are actually reading something you wrote. Two it makes your heart blessed when someone takes the time to encourage you by their comments and feedback. I certainly appreciate you doing that on my blog. Thank you!!


  3. What a great place of solitude you have. Being out in a beautiful place like that can truly help us relax and be uplifted with God’s glorious creations. How I wish we have that mind of place here where I live.. But as you have said, if we will be still in His presence and learn to focus on Him, to be attentive to God, we will know more about Him. And that alone, can give the most uplifting moment wherever we may be. ❤️Being in His presence is a time of refreshing.

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