What Are You Looking At? – Psalms 123

“Unto You I lift up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens…So our eyes look to the Lord our God, until He has mercy on us. Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us!” Psalms 123:1-3 (NKJV)

What are you looking at these days? Where is your focus?

The other night I stood in the backyard, watering my garden. After a very hot, dry day in the Arizona sun, things were wilting a little more than usual. The trees, plants and bushes all needed a good dose of cool water. So, while I am doing that, our little dog was “helping.” This dog of ours loves water and mud and digging up mom’s flowers when she is not looking right at him. Max has also learned that he can try and bite the water hose. He will only do that when there is watering running through it. Now, he really cannot bite into that hose, due to his under-bite with his teeth. But he certainly tries and it is ever so funny to watch.

So, I’m watering, laughing at the dog, picking a few weeds along the way. And then….!

I just happened to look up into the sky. And, I saw it! The most gorgeous sunset was happening in the sky. I LOVE sunsets! There was the most beautiful mix of colors popping out of the sky’s canvas and were shedding their glare through the branches of our 40 foot pine tree. The scene was breath taking (yes, I WISH I had my camera, but didn’t!) I just stood there as color after color shot its beauty across the sky. An airplane flew through the color and the clouds. It looked ever so tiny upon that vast canvas before me. A few birds were flying in and out of the tree that provided so much shade for our backyard. Max was nipping at my feet, trying to get my attention to play a little. I glanced down and realized I flooded the flowerbed that I was supposedly watering. Ah, what’s a little extra water in the midst of Arizona heatwave.

My focus – my eyes, just kept going back to that sunset, to the colors in the sky. I was absolutely mesmerized by the constant change, the hues of color, the beauty as it stretched out over the night sky. As I watched, I thought of God. I always think of God when I watch a sunset. He’s the One who created such a beautiful scene on this hot summer’s night. God knew I would be in garden, and that I would enjoy watching His creative masterpiece take shape once more. It was so beautiful. It was definitely breath-taking and awesome to admire. For the longest time, my eyes were fixed on that sunset. My focus clearly appreciating the colors and the perfection of God’s creation within a sunset. I loved what I was looking at.

As the sun set further and further down and eventually going out of sight, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “That was a lovely sunset, a spectacular sight to look at!” My eyes had focused for quite a long time upon that sunset and my heart thrilled within me as I beheld its stunning beauty. And immediately, I had to turn my focus onto something else.

That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Something or someone captures our attention. We set our focus on that one thing. It may be for just a brief moment of time; it could be much longer. But our focus is set. And then, something else comes along that we need to look at. Something else that needs our focused attention.

What are you looking at today? Where is your focus?

I like Psalms 123. For within these few verses, the Psalmist is really asking us the same questions.

I hope that sometime today, in the busyness of your life, that you will take the time to set you focus upon the Lord God, your Creator. He will do something, say something, show you something that He wants you to focus on. Perhaps He will use a sunset to capture your look. Maybe its in the mountain that you hiked? Could it be in doing the job He gave you to do? Or perhaps, He got your attention in His written Word, a special bible verse He wanted you to focus on, when you sat down to read your Bible today.

Or, did you even do those things today? Did you look at God as He showed Himself around you? Did God get your focus at all? Did you set your eyes upon Him at all today?

The Psalmist says, “Unto YOU I lift up my eyes…So our eyes look to the Lord our God UNTIL….”

Until what?

“Until He has mercy on us.”

Do you realize just how often the Lord God shows us His mercy? All the time! Every day! Every moment of the day!

Do we notice? Do we look towards Him? Do we set our focus at all upon His mercy towards us?

Here’s a few things I would like us to know about God’s mercy:

  • In His mercy, God remembers His children (Ps 25:7)
  • He is ever so merciful to His children (Ps 37:26)
  • His mercies can be trusted (Ps 52:8)
  • He sends His mercy in our times of trouble (Ps 57:1-3)
  • God’s mercy is everlasting (Ps 100:5)
  • God’s mercy is something that we can sing about (Ps 101:1)
  • The earth is full of God’s mercy (Ps 119:64)
  • His tender mercies are over all that He does (Ps 145:9)

And…. We can cry out for His mercy at any time. “God be merciful to us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us.” Psalm 67:1

The Lord God’s face shines upon His children in mercy. He has set His focus upon us. His eyes look upon His children, all the time. We can see His mercy, every day, every moment of that day, if only we would but look. And whatever might happen one day, we know it will be different tomorrow. For we can know that His mercies are new every day. Our God is a merciful God!

He wants every one of His creation, to set their eyes upon Him. Look at Him! With mercy and love, He is looks down from Heaven at YOU! Look up to the Heavens and fix your eyes upon the Lord God. The things that He will show you are beautiful, breath-taking and awesome. Set your focus upon Him. And in that moment of awe, between you and the Lord God, cry out for His mercy. “Have mercy upon me, O Lord, have mercy upon me!”

So, what ARE you looking at today? What or Who has your focus?

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