A Challenge Has Been Presented Using the Book of Psalms!

Get ready to think CHALLENGE my blog readers! Because, it is on!!

As a teacher, I am always challenging my students with challenging questions to answer, challenging thoughts to ponder, and challenging activities that help them learn more. I tell them that “Challenges are excellent brain food!” And so they are! It’s good to be challenged no matter what age the student is. Get ready, the challenge is coming!!

I particularly love it, when one of my students challenges me, as a teacher, to think outside the box. Or when they ask me a question that I don’t know and together we research the answer. Or when they ask me to participate in a challenge, whereby we both can learn together and have a little fun while we do that. And right now, I have such a challenge before me. I warned you, a challenge was coming!

An 11 year old student of mine, attends a Christian school here in Tucson, Arizona. He has a project that he has to do in preparation for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you who are reading this outside the United States, this might not make sense to you (and that’s okay!) But I think you will still be able to follow this challenging activity and learn by it along with the rest of us. Anyway, this student presented the challenge to me. And me, being me, simply couldn’t resist it. It actually sounds quite fun.

He is calling the challenge – “28 days of Thanksgiving in the Book of Psalms” – I’m liking this already. The challenge is to start on November 1st and runs through November 28th, the day we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Here are his rules for the challenge:

  • Choose only one version of the Bible to use for this challenge. I have chosen to use the New King James Version of the Bible. My student will also be using NKJV. Already we both have learned that there are exactly 28 verses within the Book of Psalms that are appropriate to use for this challenge. How cool is that?
  • Every day (November 1-28) you need to share with other people your answers to this challenge. You may share them in whatever format you choose. I have chosen to share my challenge on my blog-site because I am already writing posts about my journey and thoughts through the Book of Psalms. My student will be sharing the challenge with his school teacher and classmates each day during their “Class Devotional Time.”
  • Every day you must share a Bible verse from the Book of Psalms that includes the word thank, thanks, or thanksgiving. You can’t use a verse from any other book, only Psalms.
  • Every day you must share something that you are thankful for. It can be something serious or something fun. Just make sure you are truly thankful for it.
  • Every day you must write a paragraph or two about either (1) the verse and why its important to you, or (2) what you are thankful for, telling why you are thankful for that particular thing.
  • You must share this every day for 28 days. I want to see if you can be thankful for 28 straight days. Then, according to statistics, after 28 days, giving thanks should become a habit in your life.
  • You must share it with others. By sharing it with others, perhaps they too might want to join us in taking the challenge.
  • “Those are my rules Ms. Kathy. There really is no winner in this challenge. There really are no right or wrong answers to this challenge. I just want to see what you will come up with and what I will come up with. I also want to see if anyone else, on the platform we share it with, will respond to our challenge in any way. Wouldn’t it be great Ms. Kathy if through this challenge, you and I together could teach people to be a little more thankful themselves. I hope that will happen.” Well said kiddo and I hope that this challenge will produce those results as well.

And so, my blog readers, I have gladly accepted this challenge! I am excited about it and I am ready to begin! Who’s ready to read my blog for the next 28 days??

Might I suggest that you click on my “follow” button, or sign up to receive notification by email whenever that days posting has been made. And please, feel free to leave comments along the way. It would be nice to know that people are actually reading my blog. I know for certain one student will be checking in every day. Will you join us for our challenge?

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